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Experience a carefree stay at Steeds aan Zee with one of our packages. Visit the Katwijk Museum and discover our local history and art. Rather see the famous Dutch tulips? Plan to be surprised by spectaculair flower shows, surprising inspirational gardens, unique art and more in the famous ‘Keukenhof’.



Katwijk is not far from the famous Keukenhof. During the opening months (mid-March until/including Pentecost), we offer a special Keukenhof-Tulips package.

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‘Art and Culture’

Because of the picturesque nature, sea sides and skies, Katwijk has always been a place where artists worked and resided. During your visit at the Katwijk Museum you learn everything about our rich culture and history. Conclude your visit with two coffee in a local coffee bar.

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‘Short Stay’

Hotel Steeds aan Zee offers the solution: here, students and expats can rent a room or an apartment in Katwijk for a short period of time. A modern furnished house with everything you need and close to the city of Leiden.

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